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For the 2020-2021 school year, the Co-op Calendars are located HERE (the whole year color coded per rotation),                    HERE (monthly), and/or HERE (one sheet with details) for your reference!

Hodgson attempts to provide each 12th grade Career and Technical Education (CTE) student a paid cooperative training work opportunity, which is a capstone experience in his or her senior year. This program allows seniors to work in paid entry-level positions in a related business or industry while completing their high school graduation requirements. Every effort is made to maintain flexibility regarding student/employer needs. In some situations the student employee works full-time for a two week period and attends school full-time for two weeks alternately, while others require half-day school / half-day work scheduling. Additionally certain situations require employment scheduled after school hours and on weekends. These details are worked out to the satisfaction of the student and employer without jeopardizing the student’s scholastic standing.

  • Common misconception – Employers lack the time to manage students. In truth, they stand to gain substantial time. For example, by applying 6 hours/week to manage 3 co-op students who each work 20 hrs./week, the Return on Investment of time is TEN-FOLD.
  • Co-op students possess knowledge and skills that employees may not – computer programs, research capabilities, writing abilities, and insights about the latest academic methods.
  • Co-op students add vibrancy! – They provide fresh ideas and positive energy that can have a contagious effect on employee morale, motivation and creativity.
  • Increase productivity – Time & work that Co-op students save full-time employees enables your full time employees to focus talents on higher-level tasks.
  • Recruitment – Employing Co-op students allows businesses to pre-draft full-time employees and reduce time, costs & mistakes by screening & training graduates in advance.

Let us help grow your business, help a student transition from school to work, hire a Hodgson Silver Eagle.

How Can a Co-Op Student Benefit You and Your Organization?
Our goal is to provide our local industry partners with highly trained and technically qualified entry-level employees with excellent 21st century employability skills to help manage your workload, and provide students with an opportunity to learn about the exciting opportunities in their chosen career and industry. We ensure that each and every student is as qualified and professional as any entry-level employee you may hire.

Can I see some sample forms that are used?
To help someone understand the process a little better, please view the following forms:

Hodgson’s Co-op Training Agreement

Co-op Marking Period Evaluation Form (fillable)

Work Permit Application

If you have questions about these forms, please call Mr. Chris Moxley, Hodgson’s Cooperative Employment Coordinator.

I Am Interested, What Now? The Process is Simple!

  1. Contact Hodgson’s Co-op Coordinator
  2. Agree on a work schedule agreeable to the employer and student
  3. Sign a simple agreement outlining the employer, student, school, and parent responsibilities. Key employer responsibilities:
    • Pay student at least legal minimum wage
    • Agree to fill out a performance evaluation for the student employee every 3 months
    • Allow the Co-op Coordinator or CTE instructor to visit the work site to ensure employer/student satisfaction
    • Follow Department of Labor Child Labor Laws and pay for Workers Compensation

*In addition to the required vocational and academic courses, students take a number of technical related courses to round out their programs of study.


Chris Moxley
Cooperative Employment Coordinator

Hodgson Vocational – Technical High School
2575 Glasgow Avenue; Newark, DE 19702
Phone: (302) 832-7740 • Fax: (302) 834-1531