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Health Education, Physical Education, & Driver Education

HEALTH AND PEHealth* is a course designed to provide education for healthful living of the individual, family, and community. Students will develop an understanding of themselves in relation to health matters in a changing society.

The following are the units of study: mental health/values clarification, family life/human sexuality, alcohol/drugs/tobacco use-abuse, disease/disorders, first aid/accident prevention and safety, nutrition, consumer health, and environmental health. (.5 credits)

Physical Education * (both PE1 and PE2) offer a wide variety of physical with emphasis on team games and large group activities. Students will be afforded an opportunity to develop physical fitness, sport skills, playing strategy, teamwork, and cooperation with emphasis on skill development, competition and team activity. (.5 credits)

*Note – .5 credits in Health and 1 credit in Physical Education are required for graduation.

DRIVERS EDDriver Education is an option for 10th grade students. Students experience formal classroom theory, simulation laboratory, and road practice. The course is guided by the driving policies established by the Motor Vehicle Division of Delaware. Before the age of eighteen, students are required to pass both the written examination and the road test to be eligible for the driver’s license.