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Diversity • Equity • Inclusiveness


Mission Statement: 

Provide all stakeholders an environment in which diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are ingrained into the fabric and makeup of Hodgson Vo-Tech; including but not limited to classroom culture, school culture, staff/student professional learning, student voice/groups to curriculum selections.

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For And With Students District-Wide

NCCVT’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Group, Forever a Movement, or FAM, are student-led groups that focus on the development and enhancement of their voices as leaders and advocates to enact change at Hodgson, NCCVT and beyond. The FAM focuses on meaningful advocacy, goal setting, and district-wide collaboration to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our community. 

FAM’s Vision:

In connection with the school district’s policy, Hodgson Vo-Tech will be a safe place where all students are appreciated, accepted, represented, and valued by administration, faculty, staff, and students regardless of their culture, religion, and/or sexual preference through unity, respect, and continuous courageous conversations.

FAM’s Goals:

  • To offer a safe space for courageous conversations to be fostered
  • To commit to a culturally responsive environment
  • To serve as a liaison between students and administration
  • To ensure that action steps are taken towards diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • To interrupt racial tension and unconscious bias within our schools.  
  • To educate students on the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion while creating a community rooted in trust and respect.


FAM Affinity Groups

Black Student Union (BSU)

Pride Gen Z

Latinos Unidos

Boys II Men

Silver Eagle Divas

The 2022-2023 DEI Executive team is developing/gaining knowledge and forming a shared vocabulary around Equity. The DEI Executive team will also prepare and execute professional learning opportunities for staff and students to make Hodgson Vo-Tech a more inclusive and equitable school.

School-wide Equity Training - Equity & Beyond has presented and will continue to offer information during professional learning days so Hodgson staff can receive the training and guidance needed to increase our knowledge, shift our thinking, and elevate our understanding of racial equity. All staff members are working in professional learning communities with the guidance of the Hodgson Equity team.

Culturally Responsive Teaching - Hodgson teachers have continued to complete training concerning Culturally Responsive Teaching. Because the brain is wired for connections, meeting students, where they are culturally and linguistically, is critical to providing an equitable educational experience for all students. Culturally Responsive Teaching is a research-based practice of teaching and learning focusing on the connection between what students learn in academic settings, language, and their life experiences. The connections made between the three can pave the way for students to successfully navigate rigorous content as they make the connections between themselves and what they are learning. 

For And With Parents & The New Castle Community

What can you expect from the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team when you send your students and family members to Hodgson Vo-Tech?

  • A school culture that embraces the diversity and strength that each of our students bring
  • Student-led groups that celebrate student identities and address student concerns 
  • Teachers and staff who attend continuous professional developments that are geared toward student and family engagement in DEI work.

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It is the policy of the New Castle County Vocational Technical School District

not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin,

gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or covered

veteran status in employment, admission to, or participation in

its programs, services, and activities.