Hodgson Preschool Program

Did you know Hodgson has a PRESCHOOL program?Hodgson Preschool
Hodgson Preschool is a laboratory preschool that provides practical experience for the students enrolled in the Early Childhood Program.

The high school students plan and present various developmentally appropriate activities and experiences for the preschool children during the school year as they apply their knowledge from the classroom.
The preschool program includes several learning centers where the preschool children can explore the areas of art, music, science, math, language, block building, movement and dramatic play. These areas are stocked with a variety of learning materials which the children may choose to use.
This program is available to children 3, 4 and 5 years of age. Children must be 3 years old before August 31st to enroll in the Hodgson Preschool Program. There is a morning session that runs from 9:10 to 11:10 am. There are two separate preschools that run during the morning session. One class has 3 and 4 year olds and the other class has 4 and 5 year olds. There is also an afternoon session that runs from 12:45 to 2:45 pm. Again there are two preschools classes, one with 3 and 4 year olds and the other with 4 and 5 year olds. The preschool year runs from the last week of September to mid-May.
Hodgson Preschool expenses determine the tuition. 
Four payment plans are available for each program:
Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. Program  
  One payment of $700.00, due at the start of the school year.
  Two payments of $350.00 each, due at the start of school and the first of January.
  Four payments of $175.00 each, due at the start of school, and the first of December, February, and April.
  Seven payments (monthly) of $100.00, due the 1st of each month until April.
A 10% discount is offered to families with more than one child enrolled in Preschool
To all New Castle County Vo-Tech District employees.
Acceptance letters are mailed out the month of April for the upcoming school year. If/When your child receives the acceptance letter, please fill out the form and return it ASAP with a $20.00 non refundable registration fee. This will ensure your child’s placement in the preschool program.
You may pay electronically (part of the upper left menu), in cash or
with a check payable to: HODGSON PRESCHOOL.
The goals of Hodgson Preschool are twofold: one is to help the high school students learn about young children and a second to help the preschool children develop to their potential. For the preschool children our major goals are to:
  • stimulate their interest in the world around them.
  • encourage them to observe, classify, experiment and discover.
  • develop gross and fine motor skills and coordination.
  • encourage communication skills.
  • foster independent choices and problem solving skills.
  • encourage social skills with other children and adults.
  • foster developmentally appropriate academic skills, in preparation for kindergarten.
  • provide positive activities that lead the child to success and development of self-esteem and positive self image.
  • foster respect for confidentiality and the right of the child and family to privacy.
Major goals for the High School Students are to:
  • establish and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for the children.
  • advance physical and intellectual competence in young children.
  • build positive self-concepts and individual strength in young children.
  • promote positive social interactions with other children and adults.
  • work in teams to plan and prepare the program and to behave in a professional manner.
Please complete our Online Application (or access the printable version Preschool Application) and also make sure to complete the Child Health Appraisal form (part of the upper left menu) as well. We also provide additional information in our Hodgson Preschool Handbook.
Of course, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at (302) 838-4093.