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Hodgson Special Education

Hodgson offers a supportive and inclusive environment where students with special needs who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) receive specialized instruction in addition to the general education curriculum. These services and accommodations needed for each individual student are offered within the general education setting by Learning Support Coaches (LSCs), who are certified special education teachers, certified Paraeducators and other specialists.  These specialists deliver related services such as speech therapy, counseling, occupational and physical therapy as directed by the IEP.


Hodgson has a collaborative consultative model of delivering instruction. The certified special education teacher (LSC) consults with teachers on employing specialized instruction strategies that work for individual students as well as the classroom as a whole. The Learning Support Coach also works with students and families to determine what accommodations are needed and how these accommodations will be delivered in the general education classroom setting.


Hodgson provides a unique opportunity to foster the independence and self-advocacy skills necessary to prepare each student to be career, college, and work ready. After earning the appropriate number of credits and upon graduation from Hodgson, each student will receive a high school diploma and career certificate.


 Hodgson’s Learning Support Team

Alison Burroughs, Special Education Team Leader (alison.burroughs@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Linda Cylc, Psychologist/Section 504 Coordinator (linda.cylc@nccvt.k12.de.us)


Daniel Omangi, 9th grade Learning Support Coach (daniel.omangi@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Whitney Singer, 9th grade Learning Support Coach (whitney.singer@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Michelle Rabinovitch, 10th grade Learning Support Coach (michelle.rabinovitch@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Shawana Wilson, 10th grade Learning Support Coach (shawna.wilson@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Bethany Clifton, 11th grade Learning Support Coach (bethany.clifton@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Jennifer Holdsworth, 12th grade Learning Support Coach (jennifer.holdsworth@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Victoria Willon, Clerical (victoria.willon@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Alysha Brannon, Paraeducator (alysha.brannon@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Renee Bolen, Paraeducator (renee.bolen@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Paula Croson, Paraeducator (paula.croson@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Stephen DeGannes, Paraeducator (stephen.degannes@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Matthew Kern, Paraeducator (matthew.kern@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Del-Nita Outlaw, Paraeducator (delnita.outlaw@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Dot Yanacek, Paraeducator (dot.yanacek@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Heather Zulkowski, Paraeducator (heather.zulkowski@nccvt.k12.de.us)

Student Services – Tutoring

1Students needing extra help should arrange to stay after with their teachers. 4:30 buses are available every Tuesday and Thursday.